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Crack SealingOur crews can crack seal residential drives, shopping malls, truck terminals and municipal streets and bridge decks.

About half of our crack sealing work is for our own blacktop sealing contracts.  The other half is for jobs calling for crack seal only, such as jobs like Franklin Park Mall, The Village of Maybee, and various Michigan roadways.

If you have a sound pavement with some cracking or open paving joints, our hot rubber crack sealing can save your asphalt from freeze & thaw damage.  If needed our crews will blow out the cracks with a combination compressed air and a hot flame torch.  This process removes any debris & vegetation and at the same time drying the walls of the crack with the flame.

The opened joint or crack is then sealed with hot rubber and the excess is squeegeed flat so snow plows don’t scrape off or pull out crack sealer as readily.

This material is consistent with what is used on city and state work.